ROS1ders – Who

You have been diagnosed with lung cancer with a ROS1 translocation. Because of this translocation, you have been treated with special drug(s). These drugs are called ‘targeted therapy drugs’, also known as ‘tyrosine kinase inhibitors’, or TKIs. Unfortunately for most people, at some point the drugs no longer work. The cancer will progress and the lung tumour starts growing again. You also may suffer from shortness of breath because of pleural effusion under the drugs. This can occur because of new mutations from the tumour. To unravel these potential new mutations, you have been asked by your doctor or will be asked to obtain material of the tumour by biopsy, pleural effusion or surgery. Please consider donating your excess tumour tissue or fluid to OncoLifes in the UMCG for the benefit of medical research. It is entirely up to you whether you participate. It is voluntary.